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Robertson Surgical Center

Dr. Marc Edelstein is the founder Medical Director of Robertson Surgical Center, a state-of the-art endoscopy center designed to provide you with the highest possible level of care from your pre-procedure preparation through your recovery. Our team of highly trained, compassionate medical staff will make sure you’re comfortable and well informed every step of the way.

Robertson Surgical Center credentialed by the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) and is certified by Medicare. AAAHC certification requires demonstrated commitment to providing high-quality health care by meeting or exceeding the Accreditation Association's meticulous standards. Robertson Surgical Center has passed a thorough review by the AAAHC’s expert surveyors, and we are continuously working to improve and enhance every aspect of our facility.


Robertson Surgical Center at a Glance

  • Committed to the highest standards of safety and quality
  • All of our physicians are Board Certified
  • Our nurses and endoscopy technicians are all highly trained and have years of experience taking care of patients
  • All of our physicians, nurses, and technicians go through a rigorous credentialing process prior to being allowed to take care of patients
  • Our surgical center follows CDC recommendations for infection control and endoscopy reprocessing
  • Comfortable environment with caring staff
  • Convenient location on the first floor of Beverly Hills Medical Plaza

GI disorders can be caused by factors such as diet, stress, lifestyle and genetics. After diagnosis, we’ll help you understand the possible causes of your disorder and educate you about nutrition and lifestyle changes that can help you feel better.
We are continually strengthening our educational resources for patients and their families, as part of our commitment to preventative medicine.…Read more
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